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Merchants, it is time to start planning for Pennsic! Woo Hoo!

Studies show that advertising can increase sales by 25% to 75%. Display advertising in PI falls in the upper part of that spectrum! If you have never advertised before, especially if you are a new Pennsic merchant or have moved spaces, consider it for this War!

In the past, when you have advertised with the Pennsic Independent, you have reached more than 7,000 readers each day of the War!


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Last Minute Preparations for Pennsic War

Get ready! It’s almost time to go!

Pack Your Car—If you can, start packing a day or two ahead of your departure date, so you can make sure everything fits. Give some thought to packing the items you will need first, such as your tent, on top so that they are easily accessible. Make sure to double-check roof racks, hitches, bungee cords, etc. to make sure everything is secure. If in doubt, take the vehicle for a spin on a nearby highway before you leave.



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