Arts and Sciences

Activities and research related to trades, crafts, occupations, or daily life in the Middle Ages, as well as performing and fine arts.

A&S Changes




Egyptian Faience-6:00 at A&S 4



Making Paint Brushes-9:00 AM at A&S 15

A Guide to Viking Age Living History- 10:00 AM at A&S 13

1558-1590 Pearl and Gen Glass-Beaded Necklace- 11:00 AM at Metalsmith Mage (Vendor #153)

i Verdi Confusi Dress Rehearsal- 1:00 PM at Performing Arts Tent

Period Portraiture- 1:00 PM at A&S 1

Sister Bags: Make-and-Take Knitted/Felted Bag- 1:00 PM at A&S 17

The Battle of Tortuga (Rapier)- 1:00 PM at Rapier List 2



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