Only at Pennsic! (Tales from the Known World)

From the files of the Pennsic Punster: A young man with a background of HEMA fighting arrived at troll late last night. He was not alone; he had a giant blood blister on his finger, a souvenir from a recent bout. “Look”, a friend pointed, “it’s a Hematoma!” Get it? HEMA-toma? Anyone? Anyone…


A marshal-in-training was asking for some finer points on scheduling and organization from the teacher. Thinking, he held up his tablet and said, “well, in about 500 years these will be invented and make life much easier!”


The Pennsic War Archery Championships

The Pennsic War Archery Championships were held on the Archery range Tuesday August 6th. This year's shoots were themed after the Chinese Zodiac and were more than challenging for the best of archers. The morning's novelty roving range featured 9 stations, each of them was designed around a different animal sign of the zodiac. There were moving targets, targets that required special team strategies, timed shoots, and shoots that required the utmost accuracy. After completing the roving range, the teams broke for a light lunch.

My lunch with a Sin Eater

A friend of mine was having a bad day. He had been killed HARD three times and he was thinking about quitting. (He threw his armor and shield in a dumpster).

So, I took him up to the food court. Food, Talk, Relax –I started planning his SCAdian wake- when another guy came up and asked if he could join us. I did not know him, but I am always willing to make a friend.

“I am a Sin Eater, I can help”. He said.

Any diversion could help so quickly we gave it a try.

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Whisky and Chocolate

A match made in Heaven “Thank you God”.

The first rule in buying whiskey: buy what you like.

Second, don’t buy cheap!

I once was so stupid - well more than once- I bought half of a $400 bottle “Bar cost” It was so peaty I couldn’t finish the dram.

Buy what you like; you have good taste, Drink Well!

Luckily, Chocolate has the same rule.

 You have good taste so do not be cheap; your friends will thank you.


With super strong “Peaty” Whiskey – Sharp Dark Chocolate.


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